A 30-minute Anesthetic with a 30 Day Impact?
All GI Endoscopies Need Propofol Sedation Versus Propofol Should be Used on Need-Only Basis
Anesthesia for NORA: GI and Bronch Suites
Best Practices for Ambulatory Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients
Clinical Utility of Advance Monitoring in Ambulatory Patients
Controversies in the GI Suite ? Two Debates
Death, Risk, Elimination and Mitigation in the Dental Setting
Drugs, Devices and Guidelines-Improving the Safety in GI Endoscopy Through Innovation and Improvisation
Enhanced Recovery After Ambulatory Surgery: Who Cares? The Patient is Going Home, Anyways!
NORA: Challenges, Safety, Efficiency and Leadership
Paravertebral Blocks for Outpatient Breast Surgery: A Score to Settle
Pediatric Ambulatory NORA Techniques for MRI / GI Procedures
Pediatric Patient Selection for AmbulatorySurgery: ASC Versus Hospital-based
Preoperative Evaluation of the Ambulatory Patient
Pre-procedural Evaluation of Patients Presenting for GI Endoscopy-Navigating Through Uncharted Waters
Snap Talk: Updates on Anesthesia for Patient Requiring Ophthalmic Surgery
You Want Me to Give Anesthesia Where?
**CODE** Electrophysiology: When Bad Things Happen-Are You Prepared?
An Update on One Lung Ventilation
Carotid Endarterectomy: Past, Present and Future!
Coagulation Factor Concentrates:   When are They Indicated for Perioperative Coagulopathy?
Electrophysiology Lab-Who Is the Best Anesthesia Provider for the Job?
Intraoperative Hypotension and Postoperative Adverse Events:  What You Need to Know and What Can You Do About That?
Intraoperative Thoracic & Airway Disasters: Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something!
Lung Isolation in the Patient with a Difficult Airway
Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) Devices for the Left Ventricle….Go with the Flow…
Minimalistic Anesthesia for Open Cardiac Surgery – Crazy or the Future of Our Field?
New Strategies in the Management of Atrial Fibrillation
Noncardiac Surgery in Patients with Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis or Mitral Regurgitation
Percutaneous Approaches to Implantation and Repair of Aortic, Mitral, and Tricuspid Valves (Part 1)
Percutaneous Approaches to Implantation and Repair of Aortic, Mitral, and Tricuspid Valves (Part 2)
Perioperative Hemostasis in High-Risk Cardiac Surgery Patients
Perioperative Management of Thoracoabdominal Endovascular Aortic Repairs
Post Cardiotomy Vasoplegia: A Brave New World? State-of-the-Art 2019
Present and Future of Thoracic Anesthesia
Snap Talk: Cardiovascular Critical Care: The First 72 hours
Snap Talk: Evidence-Based Updates in Cardiac Anesthesia
Snap Talk: Pulmonary Hypertension Management in the Perioperative Period
Snap Talk: When the Right is No More….The Tale of Right Heart Failure
Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator-The New Kid on the Block. Do You Know How to Handle It?
The Wave of the Future: Rescue Transthoracic Echocardiography for Non-Cardiac Anesthesiologists
Updates on Pacemakers and ICDs for Anesthesiologists
Urgent Surgeries in Patients With Recently Placed Coronary Artery Stents and History of Hyper-coagulable Disorders
Anesthesia Centric ACLS (AACLS)
Central Line Insertion: State-of-the-Art in 2019
Clinical Understanding of Hemodynamic Management
Controversies in High Risk Anesthesia and Critical Care
Critical Care Point of Care Ultrasound for the Non-Critical Care Trained Anesthesiologist
Critically Speaking in the Perioperative Period: 5 topics in 50 Minutes
Emerging Strategies in Massive Transfusion: The Products, Pharmacologic Adjuvants, and Patients
End Organ Dysfunction and Perioperative Outcomes
Frontiers in End of Life Care for Anesthesiologists
Gas Exchange and Respiratory Mechanics: Respiratory Physiology in One Hour or Less.
Improving Outcomes for Life Threatening Airway Emergencies in the ICU and the OR: Cases that can Take Your Breath Away
Intraoperative Critical Care: How Best to Succeed When All Seems Lost
Intraoperative Lung Protective Mechanical Ventilation: Is There Room to Improve Outcome?
Is a Central Line is Necessary for the Safe Infusion of Vasoactive Drugs?
Mechanical Assist Devices: State of the Art in 2019. Temporary and Permanent Devices in the Perioperative Period
Nuances of Mechanical Circulatory Support in the Perioperative Period
Patient Blood Management:  A Poster Child for the Perioperative Surgical Home.
Thinking About Thinking.  Cognition and Decision Making in Clinical Anesthesiology
Transthoracic Echocardiography in the Perioperative Setting: A Case-based Discussion
Ultrasonography in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Understanding Medical Accidents
Anesthetic Mechanisms ? What is Our Current Understanding?
Anticoagulants and Antiplatelets: To Bridge or Not to Bridge for the OR?
Approaches to Training in the Use of Emergency Manuals
Challenges and Controversies in Trauma Management (Part 1)
Challenges and Controversies in Trauma Management (Part 2)
Clean Sustainable Anesthesia – Green is the New Black
Cricoid Pressure, RSI and NPO; Where do We Stand in 2019 ?
Decision Making in Airway Management
Diagnosing Acid-base Disorders: Drs. Henderson, Hasselbalch, and Stewart Can All Work Together! (Part 1)
Diagnosing Acid-base Disorders: Drs. Henderson, Hasselbalch, and Stewart Can All Work Together! (Part 2)
Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Mechanisms of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Extubation of the Difficult Airway with a Focus on Patient Outcomes
FAER-Helrich Research Lecture: Anesthetics, Surgery and Alzheimer’s Disease; Hypotheses Come and Go
Featured Session: Artificial Intelligence in Perioperative Medicine: Moving from Big Data to Smart Data
Featured Session: AUA: An Academic Perspective on the Future of Anesthesiology
Featured Session: Perioperative Lung Dysfunction: New Understanding, New Approaches
Global Perioperative Medicine: The International Perspective on ERAS Protocols
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: Update on Perioperative Implications for the Anesthesiologist in the 21st Century
I Don?t Do Kids!:  Managing Pediatric Disease in the Adult Patient
Innovative Oxygenation and Ventilation Techniques in Airway Management
Intraoperative Pulmonary Embolism:  Application of Emerging Diagnostic and Treatment Options
Investigating Traditions, Dogmas and Myths in Anesthesia Practice
John W. Severinghaus Lecture on Translational Science: Personalized PEEP
Less Jolts From Your Volts: Electrical Safety in the Operating Room
Mass Casualties and the Anesthesiologist: It’s Not Just About the OR Anymore
Morbid, Super Morbid and Ultra Obesity: Large Challenge of the 21st Century Anesthesia Practice
Neuromuscular Transmission: What You Need to Know to Avoid Residual Paralysis
Occupational Infections: Risks for the Anesthesiologist-2019
Opioid-Free Anesthesia and Analgesia: A Clinical and Pharmacologic Review
Perioperative Brain Health Initiative: An International Quality Initiative
Perioperative Care of the Cancer Patient: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Peri-operative Eye Injury
Perioperative Respiratory Depression: What, Why, How and What Now?
Rare Events that Could Leave Your Patient Seared and Your Career Well Done- Electrosurgical Safety and Fundamentals
Renin-Angiotensin System The Good, Bad and Ugly
Snap Talk: Controversies in Anesthesiology
Snap Talk: Patient Management When Transfusion is Not an Option
Submerged in SCUBA Procedures: NO Room for Accidents in NORA Deep Down in the Neuro-interventional Suite
Surgical Site Infections:  What Really Matters.
The APSF Panel:  Practical Approaches to Improving Medication Safety
Trauma Anesthesiology: Perioperative Management of the Multi-trauma Patient
Weighing In: 5 Snap Talks in Obesity and Anesthesia
Where Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh And Blood: The Patient Safety Threat of Medical Cybersecurity
You Really Want to Operate on this Patient? The Cirrhotic Patient Presenting for Surgery: Anesthesia Pearls and Pitfalls
Are Elderly Surgical Patients Different? Should We Offer Separate Training Experiences for the Anesthesiology Resident?
FAER Panel-Perioperative Considerations in the Cognitively Impaired Patient
Im Worried I’ll Harm Him Before the Cancer Does:  End of Life, Do Not Resuscitate, and Palliation in the Elderly.
Journal Symposium: What’s New In the Old
My Patient is 92, has a DNR, and Wants to Have Elective Surgery!
One-Stop Shop for Geriatric Anesthesia: Be an Expert in ONE Session
Snap Talk: A Lightning Review of Clinical Frailty Assessment Tools That You Can Use Everyday
Snap Talk: Geriatric Hip Fractures: An Update on Perioperative Regional Analgesia
Updates for the Prevention and Management of Acute Postoperative Brain Dysfunction
Year in Geriatric Anesthesia: Important Publications That You May Have Missed.
Acute Ischemic Stroke: Addressing the Continuum of Care from Neuro IR to Neuro ICU
Anesthetic Considerations in Minimally Invasive Intracranial and Spine Surgery – Toward a Better Outcome
Anesthetic Management for the Patient Undergoing Complex Spine Reconstructive Surgery
Can I Really do a Neuraxial Anesthetic for Lumbar Spine Surgery?
Delirium Across the Perioperative Spectrum (Part 1)
Delirium Across the Perioperative Spectrum (Part 2)
Do the Eyes Have It? Clinical Applications of Pupillometry and Optic Nerve Monitoring
Evidence-Based Mythbusting in Neuroanesthesia
Interactive Intraoperative Evoked Potential Monitoring
Neuroanesthesia for the Occasional Neuroanesthesiologist
Neurotrauma Part 1:  Perioperative Management of Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
Neurotrauma Part 2:  Management of Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury – Beyond the Operating Room
Patients with Neurologic Conditions for Non-neurologic Surgery
Perioperative Stroke in Noncardiac Surgery
The Neuroanesthesia Editors Editorialize ? The Best of Perioperative Neuroscience
(SOAP)  SOAP Survival Tools for the Complex Job in Today’s World for an Obstetric Anesthesiologist
A Mother?s Broken Heart: Obstetric Anesthesia in Heart Disease
Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery
Anesthesia for Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy
Caring for the Pregnant Woman with Substance Use Disorder: What the Anesthesiologist Needs to Know!
Crash Course in Obstetric Anesthesia for the Non-Obstetric Anesthesiologist (Part 1)
Crash Course in Obstetric Anesthesia for the Non-Obstetric Anesthesiologist (Part 2)
Crisis Management on Labor and Delivery
Elevator Pitch: Best Articles in Obstetric Anesthesia from the Past Year
ERAS for Cesarean Delivery: The How and Why of Maternal Perioperative Care
Ethical Dilemmas in Obstetrical Anesthesiology
HELLP! How to Keep Moms with Preeclampsia Safe
Maternal Morbidity and Mortality ? An Anesthesiologist?s Role and Perspective
Post Dural Puncture Headache and Epidural Blood Patch Update
Postpartum Hemorrhage: How to Prepare for It, How to prevent It, and What to Do When Blood is Pooling on the Floor
Remifentanil for Labor Analgesia: Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?
Separating Facts from Fads: Cutting Edge Obstetric Anesthesia for the Non-Obstetric Anesthesiologist
She has WHAT and Still Wants an Epidural?
SOAP Gertie Marx Lecture: Obstetric Anesthesia:  Are We There Yet?
Spinal Anesthesia Following Failed Epidural for Cesarean Delivery
State of the Art Labor Analgesia
Tackling Complications from Obstetric Anesthesia
Ultrasound Use on Labor and Delivery
(ASRA-Pain) Let it Drip: Inpatient and Outpatient Intravenous Pain Therapies
Anesthetic Considerations of Patients with Implantable Pain Management Devices.
Cancer Pain and Preoperative Evaluation: Is Your Patient Stable to Undergo Surgery?
Gabapentin: A Dangerous Adjunct in Multimodal Analgesia
Interpretation of Spinal Diagnostic Imaging Studies: Learning a Structured Approach
Medical Cannabis: Is the Way it is Administered Effective in Chronic Pain Patients.
Persistent Post Surgical Pain: Pathophysiology and Preventive Strategies
(SPA) Updates from the SPA Craniofacial, Regional and Difficult Airway Registries
Advocating for the Pediatric Patient: A Focus on Dental Sedation Deaths, the Effects of Gun Violence, and the Opioid Epidemic
Anesthetic Considerations for Neonates: Term and Preterm
Complications in Pediatric Anesthesia ? How to Stay Out of Trouble!
Controversies in Pediatric Anesthesia: Should the FDA Warning Affect Pediatric Anesthesia Practice?
Do You Need an IV to Perform Short Pediatric Procedure with Supraglottic Airway Management?
Hot Topics in Pediatric Anesthesiology: Editor’s Picks 2019 (Part 1)
Hot Topics in Pediatric Anesthesiology: Editor’s Picks 2019 (Part 2)
Inhalation Versus Intravenous Induction in Pediatric Patients: Which Practice is Best?
It Takes a Village: Building a Culture of Safety in Pediatric Anesthesia
Medication Errors and Medication Safety: Preventable Events in the Operating Room
Outcomes Research in Pediatric Anesthesia Panel (Part 1)
Outcomes Research in Pediatric Anesthesia Panel (Part 2)
Pediatric Airway Foreign Bodies and Button Batteries: Lessons Learned
Pediatric Anesthesia and Sleep Disordered Breathing: New Insights and Controversies
Pediatric Patients With Congenital Heart Disease for Non Cardiac Emergency Cases
Pediatric Post Tonsillectomy Pain and Hemorrhage
Pediatric Pre-Operative Considerations; NPO Status, Anxiolysis, Pregnancy Tests.
Pediatric Sedation: Methods to Enhance Safety
Pediatric Trauma Update
Snap Talk: My Worst Pediatric Airway
Snap Talk: Pediatric Anesthesia ABA MOCA Pearls
The Difficult Pediatric Airway
The Transgender Pediatric Surgical Patient ? Important Fundamentals of Care
Update on the Opioid Crisis and Multimodal Pain Management
2019 Focused Updates on Perioperative Care of the Cardiac Patient Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery
Buprenorphine and Surgery : To Continue or Discontinue
Challenges in Perioperative Management of the Drug-abusing Patient
Do We Often Leave the Patient Out of Our Preoperative Decision Making?
Enhanced Recovery Strategy – Principles, Practice and Implementation
ERAS for Thoracic Surgery: the Past, the Present and the Future
Facts, Myths and Perspectives Regarding Pediatric Surgical Homes and Pediatric Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Programs
Inflammation and Immune Modulation:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Innovations in Preoperative Assessment and Optimization
Management Dilemmas: What to Do When You Can’t Transfuse
Opioid Free Anesthesia: Is It Possible? Evidence From the Operating Room to the Clinic
Perioperative Myocardial Injury
Perioperative Patient Engagement: Why, What, How
Propofol for GI Endoscopy:  Is it General Anesthesia or Deep Sedation?
Snap Talk: Pearls of Preoperative Management: Combining Evidence-based Medicine and Thoughtful Medical Decision Making.
Snap Talk: Preoperative Dilemmas
The Cardiac Patient for Noncardiac Surgery: What is New in 2019?
Vapers and Smokers: What Do I Need to Know?
Will Further Cardiac Testing Impact Decision Making? A Collaborative Approach to Health Care with the Patient
(SEA) SNAP Talk Panel: Managing the MAD Professional:  How to Deal with Mean, Abusive, or Disruptive Person in the Workplace
Communicating with Patients: Lessons from the Closed Claims Project
Compliance 202 for the Anesthesiologist: The Joint Commission (TJC), US. Pharmacopeia, and Medication Management
Decision-making, Situational Awareness, and Crisis Management: Improving Patient Safety in Anesthesia Practice
Decreasing Disruptive Behavior For Better Patient Outcomes: It Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Do Perioperative Handoffs Really Cause Harm? If so, What Can We Do About It?
Embracing Quality Improvement:  Key Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Yourself, Your Department and Your Hospital!
Fatigue Risk Management: Making Overnight Call Safer
Featured Session: FDA Update on Anesthetics:  New Drug Approvals, IND and Labeling 101
Featured Session: Physician Suicide: What You Can Do to Save a Life
Harassment and Violence in the OR: Real threat/ Imagined? A Strengths-based Approach to Managing and Responding Effectively
History Panel-Do We Need Another Hero?  Anesthesia History Rediscovered
Imminent Death Organ Donation:  Is This Ethical and Should Anesthesiologists Participate?
Nuts and Bolts of Performance Measurement
Snap Talk: Informed Consent for Anesthesia Procedures
Snap Talk: Pragmatic Well-being: Doing Something About It!
Suicide Among Anesthesiologists: Risk Identification and Interventions
When You Can’t Run – Tactics and Strategies for Dealing with an Active Shooter or Hostile Intruder in the OR or ICU
(ASRA-Regional) Modernizing Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia Management for Total Joint Replacements
Acute Pain Management:  Putting the Patient First
Best Strategies for Enhancing Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) for Major Orthopedic Joint and Spine Surgery
Do I as Anesthesiologist have an Impact on Cancer Outcomes?
Ketamine in Modern Anesthesia Practice: From the Perioperative Period to the Chronic Pain Clinic
Local Anesthetic Pharmacology and Toxicity: What Clinicians Need to Know in 2019
Moving from Pain Control to Outcomes Management
Nerve Injury After Peripheral Nerve Block: Evaluation, Management, Best Practices and Medicolegal Issues
Novel Non-Opioid Regional Analgesics in the Time of the Opioid Crisis
Opioid-Free Anesthesia Versus Opioid-Reduction: What is the Goal?
Opioid-sparing Pediatric Surgery with Regional Anesthesia-When, How, Clinical Pearls
Performance Metrics for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine: Why and How? (Part 1)
Performance Metrics for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine: Why and How? (Part 2)
Perioperative Opioids: Challenges and Opportunities for Preoperative Optimization and Coordinated Postoperative Care
Perioperative Outcomes: The Role of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management
Persistent Postoperative Pain: Mechanisms and Modulators
Regional Analgesia and Thromboprophylaxis in the Trauma Population. What Do You Do When the National Guidelines Don?t Help?
Snap Talk: Learning Thoracic Wall Blocks is a Snap
Thoracic Epidural Analgesia for Major Abdominal Surgery in the Context of Enhanced Recovery Programs
Update on Nerve Blocks of the Upper Extremity
Updates of Our Understanding and Application of Lower Extremity Nerve Blocks
Updates on Anti-coagulation Guidelines for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine